AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System

With over 400 built-in modules and unlimited scanners and connectors, Vodania consolidates your existing security stack into a single system. Furthermore, it adds AI intelligence to control the daily influx of inbound vulnerabilities effectively.

Vulnerability Management

Vodania is expertly engineered to handle all stages of a comprehensive vulnerability management lifecycle. Its robust automation capabilities and integrated suite of over 400 add-ons offer you the ability to actively resolve, respond to, and pre-emptively address vulnerabilities within your system.
-  From the Global Dashboard, you can view, analyze, and track critical vulnerabilities from multiple, selected, or individual scanners all from a single viewpoint.

-  Maintain responsibility for and measure key performance indicators of all generated tickets and risk registry metrics.

Over 500 Built-In Integrations available to facilitate seamless Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Provisioning.

Connect to your security stack with just one click. Whether you're using Azure, 365, JumpCloud, etc. for SSO, we've got you covered. Our multi-factor authentication options include OTP via SMS, email, Telegram, smart cards, mobile phones, physical tokens, key fobs, and keychains. You may also try our wholly unique biometric identification methods, such as retinal tests, voice or facial recognition, among others.
-  Bi-directional integration with your identity provider, offering real-time updates, modifications, or deletions.

-  Options that can be customized according to your organization's policies include session restrictions, session time limits, and a 'remember device' feature, among others.

-  TOTP Authentication and Recovery Codes Option.

-  Seamless one-click integration with our platform.

AI Vulnerability Intelligence

Given the influx of vulnerabilities from various sources, tracking the most critical ones can be challenging. To streamline this process, our AI will analyze these vulnerabilities, prioritizing the critical ones. This minimizes the occurrence of false positives and irrelevant alerts, ensuring your time is not wasted.

Remediation & Tracking

Vodania has designed a robust built-in ticketing system that offers tracking capabilities, notifications, and automatic ticket creation based on specific conditions. It also features Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence and many other functionalities.

Triggers & Reporting

Our triggering system is a core feature of our software, boasting over 200 pre-defined event-based triggers. Additionally, you have the ability to create your own triggers with our user-friendly menu system.

Connected Assets

The primary challenge for many organizations is the absence of a comprehensive asset inventory system. We have developed our own system, which is directly linked and continually updated through various automations, triggers, and alerts.

Enhanced & Weight Scoring

The CVSS score is frequently used to evaluate vulnerabilities. We have introduced numerous additional metadata fields and capabilities to assist you in assessing vulnerabilities based on your assets.
  • Vodania has its own mobile application.

    For both Android and iOS.


    Stay updated on your organization's vulnerabilities through push notifications. Receive reports on the top ten vulnerabilities affecting your organization, as identified across all your scanning tools.


    Please keep track of all your tickets, including their status, SLA, and the top 10 most critical tickets.


    View your assets in real-time mode, including their status and vulnerabilities affecting them. You can also set up variables such as data sensitivity, network exposure, business criticality, and the asset environment directly from the application.
  • Initiate a Scan

    Initiate a scan or set up a schedule for one directly from your device.

    Manage Your Add-ons

    You can check the status of your add-ons, or purchase one directly from your phone.

    Built-In AI Tools

    Vodania, with our integrated features such as ChatGPT and Live CVE ID Search, provides contextually relevant data conveniently at your fingertips.
  • Powerful filters

    We have enhanced our features related to vulnerabilities, assets, and tickets by adding filters. These filters will enable you to narrow down your focus based on several conditions including severity levels, scanners, compliance, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), network exposure, data sensitivity, asset environment, and business criticality.


    Yes, you can now view and edit all your triggers directly from your mobile device. We've designed a user-friendly interface that allows you to create a new trigger on the go, whether you're on the road or in the air.


    Download our application today and explore all the powerful features readily available at your fingertips.

Why Vodania?

Traditional Vulnerability Management is outdated and ineffective. The current cybersecurity landscape is exceedingly complex, costly, necessitates experts, and requires significant time to implement correctly.





Access to our system is completely free, with no requirement for subscriptions, trials, or memberships.


Spend days and weeks filling out onboarding sheets and forms.

Level of Effort


Register with your name and email, and voila! You'll gain immediate access to our system.


Take time to get all approvals required and effort granting access.

Time to Value


Begin using our system right away with our user-friendly interface and app.


Providers typically take weeks or months to start implementing operations.



This is typically out of scope, and you can expect to incur additional costs or outsource to a third-party.


This is typically out of scope and expect to pay additional costs or outsourced a 3rd party.



Our system is completely automated, with all features brilliantly organized and centralized.


Juggling multiple vendors and technologies, combined with a lack of resources, can be a substantial challenge.

Level of Security


As security experts ourselves, our system has been built with security in mind first.


You cannot accurately know the extent or level of control and security measures that have been put in place to protect your information.

Pricing Models


No subscription, no trial, no memberships. Access to our system is completely free.


Pricing models vary among providers and are not fixed.

Total Costs


With our system, you will know the exact total costs, and the prices for premium add-ons are clearly displayed.


Invest a significant amount of money and several months' time before a solution is implemented into production.


Download Now

App Store

Vodania is available in the Apple Store.

Google Play

Vodania is available in the Google Play Store.


Access our platform directly from your PC for the best experience.
CyberSSS Inc. develops the AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System, a unified portal that manages the full vulnerability lifecycle. This resource empowers organizations to predict, identify, and act on vulnerabilities before they compromise your assets.
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