Application Security

Vodania speeds up software deployment with AI tools.
Problem Statement, Common Challenges
Inefficient vulnerability management practices are a standard challenge organizations face, often caused by overusing tools, too many Jira boards, and a need for more streamlined asset management. It's time to streamline your approach and adopt a more efficient and effective strategy for managing vulnerabilities.
Tooling: Too many.
Busy: People narrowed to their projects.
Priorities: Addressing vulnerabilities, or releasing a product.
Alignment: Too many Jira boards.
Zero days: So many
Visibility: All assets accounted for?
Progress: Tracking remediation effort and statuses.
Metrics: Often none.
Manual operations: Time consuming (copy/paste/copy/paste).
Where to begin, No one knows.
Integrates and streamlines all tooling.

Provides a centralized platform with tools, references, and reviews and prioritizes vulnerabilities to aid project work.

With our powerful platform, you can manage all your vulnerabilities in one place. Our platform offers a comprehensive solution that efficiently prioritizes, tracks, and fixes vulnerabilities. Don't let vulnerabilities slow you down any longer. Sign up now to experience the benefits of our unified platform view.

Automate your data filtering process with our intelligent alerts feature. Our technology lets you filter information from multiple data feeds based on custom patterns, CVSS scoring, and technologies. Our system takes it further by creating and assigning tickets to the right individual based on predefined rules. With our automation feature, you can save time and improve your workflow efficiency.

We have a single source of truth for our inventory assets that integrates with our vulnerability management platform and classifies assets by owners, business impact, location, priority, PII, and sensitive data.

Through the power of automation and embedded APIs in security tools, management can access multiple report types with one click and easily understand key metrics.

Empower your management team to access multiple report types easily and understand key metrics. Our powerful automation tools and embedded APIs in security software make gathering and analyzing information simple, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions. With just one click, you can unlock the potential of your data and streamline your operations. Provide a central location to get access to all the latest vulnerabilities, recommendations, loC (updated automatically), and the ability to automatically announce any new changes in a Slack or Team Channel.
Vodania by CyberSSS is an AI-driven platform that manages the vulnerability lifecycle. It enables organizations to predict, identify, and mitigate vulnerabilities before compromising assets, ensuring streamlined vulnerability management.
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