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AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System

Experience the only AI-Driven CIS-based system that is completely free to use, with no trial period, no subscription fees, and full access to our tools.

AI-Connected Vulnerability Management
Designed for organizations of all sizes globally, from small businesses to the world's most complex enterprises.

Full AI Vulnerability Management Life Cycle

Start your AI VM Journey with us today 


Our system is pre-designed to support an unlimited number of scanners. Simply connect and proceed.


Our system automatically links and updates Automated and Connected Assets based on findings, weights, and your business priorities.


Acquire all necessary data, intelligence, and insights required to evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities.


Pre-built SLA timers come with customizable triggers, which are influenced by various events, conditions, and actions.


There is no need to allocate funds for a ticketing system and its development. We offer a pre-built solution that is integrated into our system, complete with sophisticated AI features.


Discuss vulnerabilities and much more with our in-house system. Subscribe to a topic, receive notifications, and get alerts on any device currently available on the market.


Our system is driven by advanced AI, boasting exceptional features such as ChatGPT+, AI Help & Assistance, AI automation, and a daily vulnerability search within context. Additionally, it provides AI feedback that includes clear and comprehensive explanations of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).


Be the first to know when new zero vulnerabilities are affecting your assets. Take active and automated actions with our triggers. Set an alert using keywords or contextual search.


Use Vodania to manage, track, and consolidate all threats and vulnerabilities in a singular location, utilizing our comprehensive built-in systems and integrated AI features.
Leverage our potent triggers system, furnished with over 100 pre-defined templates designed to facilitate actions based on events, or customize your own trigger!
Download our mobile application to stay connected. Initiate a scan, monitor vulnerability updates, check ticket statuses, and peruse your assets inventory, all while utilizing a plethora of advanced AI features at your fingertips.
Cyber Intelligence System Core Components
Modules - Scanners - Authenticators
Built-In Remediation & Automated Tracking System
Built-In Scoring System 
Built-In Customizable Assets Weights (Enhanced Risk Scoring).
Built-in Ticketing System
Built-in Discussion System
Built-In External Intelligence Feeds Automation & Triggers
Built-In SLA System & Trackers
Built-In Risk Register System (expiration, reminders, priority, etc.)
Built-In Compliance Warning System (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc).
Built-In Notification Systems with over 15+ integrated social channels.
Built-In Triggers & Alerting System (200+ Pre-Defined Trigger Events)
Built-In OpenAI (ChatGPT+, Real-Time CVE Explanation, Menu Assistance & cool features)
Built-In Multi-Organizations System (Global View, Child Views)
Built-In Comparison System to Compare Findings using two or multiple scanners.
Built-In Duplication and CVE Checks across all Scanners.

Additional Meta Fields & Metrics
- Business Criticality
- Network Exposure
- Asset Environment
- Data Sensitivity
- Exploitability
- Impact Analysis
- Scoring Insights

Download our Android or iOS Mobile Application.  Don't miss anything while you are on the road!


With our modular architecture, Vodania incorporates all the necessary tools to manage and facilitate all phases of the VM Life Cycle.

Universities / Hospitals

Universities can use Vodania free of charge, benefiting from its unlimited features and available add-ons. Cyber Security represents a widely popular field of study, and Vodania is committed to aiding students in expanding their knowledge on this subject. Moreover, hospitals and health centers, despite often operating with limited budgets and resources, hold some of the most critical data that must be securely protected. In order to support these communities, Vodania is offering our services at no cost.

Non-Profit Organization

We are providing Vodania's non-profit organizations with a set of limited free premium add-ons, recognizing their often limited resources and budgets. Our goal is to ensure that your organization maintains a high level of security and is well-protected against various threats and vulnerabilities.


Vodania is designed for the world's most complex companies, offering powerful add-ons and AI-driven tools to automate processes. Our advanced solutions help reduce both manual overhead and associated costs. This empowers you to concentrate on developing your products and services, while we shoulder the work for you.


Vodania is designed for the world's most complex companies, offering powerful add-ons and AI-driven tools to automate processes, thereby reducing manual overhead and costs.
Unlimited Scanners Support
Duplication Check Across All Scanners
External Intelligence Feeds 
Real-Time AI Functions
Compare Results Across Scanners
Remediation System
Assets Weights
Risk Register System
Compliance Warning System
Real-Time ChatGPT+
Ticketing & Scoring  System
Triggers & Alerting System
Discussion System
Automation & Triggers
Notification Systems 
Real-Time AI-Driven CVE Explanation
Automated & Integrated Tracking & SLA System
Reminding & Alerting Notification System
AI Contextual Search for Threat Intelligence Feeds

Hospitals, Universities, and Health Centers are all invited to engage with Vodania.

We are passionately committed to assisting our community in enhancing their cybersecurity posture, recognizing that resources and budgets can sometimes be limited. It is paramount that personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential data are protected, and this is where Vodania steps in. Our commitment includes offering our system absolutely free, along with all add-ons and features, at no cost whatsoever.
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Vodania by CyberSSS is an AI-driven platform that manages the vulnerability lifecycle. It enables organizations to predict, identify, and mitigate vulnerabilities before compromising assets, ensuring streamlined vulnerability management.
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