Large Enterprise

Vodania has been designed to handle large organizations with subdiairies and have a complete view and control of all the vulnerabilities in their eco-system.
Focus On Business While Vodania Helps Reduce Costs & Manual Processes
If you’re trying to do full scale vulnerability management within your organization, you are most probably facing with the challenge of working with multiple teams who have their own agenda and priorities. This can be frustrating for the team responsible handling vulnerability management.  Communicating vulnerabilities to the assets  or services owners is a common problem across the industry with teams using their own set of tools.  Remediating the vulnerabilities can be hard as team already have tight deadline and sometimes, doesn't fully understand the impact of the vulnerability itself that could cause millions of dollars to the company.   And lastly, assessing and presenting the right vulnerabilities to fix is a challenge and cause friction within the organization.  

CyberSSS Inc. develops the AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System, a unified portal that manages the full vulnerability lifecycle. This resource empowers organizations to predict, identify, and act on vulnerabilities before they compromise your assets.
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