CyberSSS On-Prem Scanner

CyberSSS On-Prem Scanner integrates all scan engines and ready to be deployed internally within your infrastructure. All the CyberSSS power under your hood.

Fully Managed Box

Our box is plug ‘n play.  Access the internal interface and get all of your scans running.  Custom switching platform that integrates all of our scanners.

Get all the updates

Focus on your work while CyberSSS take care of all the OS, Platform and Scanners updates for you and you always get the latest features from our platform.

Faster than all competitors

Multi threading Intel i7 processor, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SSD, Wifi 802.11ac, LAN 1GB. Compared to other appliances, we get more jobs done in half the time.

Annual Rental

We rent our boxes an annual basis and we ship worldwide. All of our boxes are guaranteed. In case of hardware failure, we ship a new one same day.


CyberSSS On-Prem scanner can be connected through WIFI or LAN 1000Mbps.

Same Interface

CyberSSS On-Prem provides you with the same user experience and same features via our automated updates.

Internal Dashboard

Access the internal portal from anywhere within your network through our built-in Web server 

Full Backups

Security is our number priority.  We are performing backup on a daily basis.