Concurrent or Consecutive Scanning of All of Your Assets. Consolidated View of All Scanners Findings.


Platform Overview

Smart Scan
AI Enabled

Powerful Scanning Capabilities For Today’s Threats

Vulnerability Scanning Coverage

Network VA

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

API Testing

Policy Compliance

Source Code Review

On-Prem Scanning

AWS EC2 Scanning

CyberSSS Platform Benefits

World Class Scanners
  • To provide deeper and wider insight into vulnerabilities, CyberSSS leverages the combined power of multiple best-in-class scanners.
All-In-1 Scanning Shop
  • CyberSSS provides scanning capabilities for network, webapp, mobile app & other specialized scans such as PCI, API Test, Policy Compliance & Source Code Review.

No Monthly Fees or subscriptions

Pay As You Go
  • CyberSSS credits based system allows you to top-up your account from any device & spend your credits on any type of scanners you wish at any time.
Free Re-Scan
  • Unlike other traditional vulnerability assessment services, re-scanning the same asset at CyberSSS is always free for a period of one year.
Issues Tracking
  • Track issues by scanners. Powerful filters, timeline and live actions. Keep track of what's happening around you.
Get More - Pay Less
  • CyberSSS provides the best scanning services for a fraction of the cost. Don't worry about licenses, hardware and software.
Instant Alerts
  • Get notified on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Email or SMS on any alerts or notifications you set.
  • We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide all of our customers the best support anywhere and at any time.

Complete Compliance, Vulnerability Scoring and Report Coverage

CyberSSS can instantly generate a wide variety of technical, compliance and regulatory reports such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, OWASP and many others

  • RAW Reports
  • Executive Summary
  • Developer Report
  • Detailed Scan Report
  • ISO 27001 Compliance Report
  • OVAL

Capable Exporting Options

CyberSSS can automatically export back all scan data to your own database.



Built-in issues management portal to track, manage and collaborate on vulnerabilities.  Powerful filter options, stats and graphs for your analysis and track time spent on issues 

Choose your scanners

Use CyberSSS as your backend provider for all of your vulnerability scans.  Start a network, webapp, mobile or any specialized scan with one or multiple scanners.

Brand yourself

CyberSSS is also available as a white label platform.  Brand our platform with your own logo and colors and provide your customers with increased value offering and unprecedented ROI.

We take care of the back-end and we provide you with a managed instance for quick setup.

POWERful reporting

CyberSSS generates all the raw reports from every scanner in every possible supported file format automatically after every scan (XML, CSV, PDF, HTML, MHT, Word, etc). 

All reports are made available to you for download in your digital locker.


CyberSSS supports unauthenticated and authenticated cloud and internal (on-premise) scanning.  Our custom on-prem server can be rented on an annual basis  

OWASP top 10 ++

Our web application scanners provide you with all compliance and security framework reports available (OWASP Top 10 2013/2017, PCI 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2 Compliance, ISO 27001 Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, WASC, FISMA, STIG 3.9/4.1/4.3 Compliance).


CyberSSS supports automated reports forwarding to your own infrastructure via FTP, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Amazon RedShift, Google Cloud, Oracle MySQL Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Alibaba cloud.


We have scanners located worldwide including United States, UK, Germany, France, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Australia.


CyberSSS REST API allows remote access to our platform and provide extended functionalities.  Integrate CyberSSS into your build system, IDEs, test management systems, other SaaS applications, or your own applications.


Smart Notifications

Scan notifications and results are sent via your preferred communication medium. We support email, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp and SMS.

Lifetime storage

Your digital locker allows you to keep all of your reports and logs securely on our server and for as long as you wish. Up to 10 TB of secure storage.

Managed or Unmanaged

There are two ways to start a scan. Unmanaged let you choose all the options or lets CyberSSS decide the best scanners to use and optimize all settings for you.

One Stop Settings Page

All of our settings can be managed through a single and user-friendly page. Ease of use and simplicity are features of our platform.

Transparent Pricing

All of our pricing and costs are displayed on our portal. No hidden fees or surprises. We make it easy to forecast and plan your budget with us.

3rd Party Scanning

Request and scan your clients assets quickly with our convenient Legal & Compliance tools. It takes less than 5 minutes to get started.

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