Small Business

While Vodania is a full pledge system with powerful tools. Our modular approach allow small organization to easily deploy and use our system to handle their network, applications and their assets.
Powerful Design with Simplicity in Mind
If you are a small business trying to do vulnerability management, chances are you are focusing on growing your business and seeking resources and skills in Cyber Security is quite challenging.  Vodania was designed not for only large organization but also, small companies who are not technical but still need to protect their assets, customer information and any personal identification information as required by laws or regulations.

Starting a scan, configuring assets, understanding vulnerability reports can be confusing.  We make all the processes as easier as possible without being a technical expert.  Also, we have a made a special interface called EASY MODE to simplified functionalities as basic as possible.  

With our City of Hats platform which is integrated with our platform, you have direct access to Cyber Security Freelancers to help you understanding, providing consultation and all the way to mitigate your vulnerabilities for you if needed.

Stay focus on your business growth while we provide you all the simplicity to achieve the same level of protection that big organizations have in place.

CyberSSS Inc. develops the AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System, a unified portal that manages the full vulnerability lifecycle. This resource empowers organizations to predict, identify, and act on vulnerabilities before they compromise your assets.
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