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Discovery Scan Templates

Host Discovery

A simple scan to discover live hosts and open ports

Discovery Scan

Locates live assets on the network & identifies their host names & OS

Light Inventory Scan

Template designed to provide an efficient, highly accurate inventory of assets

SSS 3 Triple Eyes

All 3 discovery engines compared to each others

Light Scan Templates

Basic Network Scan

A full system scan suitable for any host

Safe Network Audit

This template is useful for a quick, general scan of your network.

Light Scan

Template for quick and light scan (160 ports)

SSS Triple Rounds

All light scan engines stacked against each others

Common Scan Templates

Advanced Network Scan

Configure a scan without using any recommendations

Full Audit w/o Spider

Run a fast vulnerability scan right “out of the box.”

Standard Scan

Template for Standard Scan (1900 ports)

SSS Triple Slices

Locates live assets on the network & identifies their host names & OS

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standard Templates

Internal PCI Network Scan

Perform an internal PCI DSS (11.2.1) vulnerability scan

PCI Quartely External Scan

Approved for quartely external scanning as required by PCI

PCI Internal Audit

This template is intended for your organization’s internal scans for PCI compliance purposes.

PCI ASV External Audit

Scan assets as part of a PCI compliance program

Policy Templates

Policy Compliance Auditing

Audit system configurations against a known baseline

SCAP & OVAL Auditing

Audit systems using SCAP and OVAL definitions

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Use this template to scan assets as part of a SOX compliance program.

HIPAA Compliance

Scan assets in a HIPAA-regulated environment


Thorough network scan of all systems and services

CIS Scan

Verify compliance with CIS benchmarks


Performs DISA policy compliance tests 


Verify that your Windows 7 systems comply with USGCB policies.

Auditing Templates

Cloud Infrastructure

Audit the configuration of 3rd party cloud services

MDM Config

Audit the configuration of mobile device managers

Credential Patch

Authenticate to hosts and enumerate missing updates

Offline Config Audit

Audit the configuration of network devices

Web Audit

Use this template to scan public-facing Web assets.

Internet DMZ Audit

Use this template to scan assets in your DMZ.

Specific Purpose Templates

Malware Scan

Scan for malware on Windows and Unix systems

Mobile Device Scan

Assess mobile devices via Microsoft Exchange or an MDM

Penetration Testing

Use  as a precursor to conducting formal penetration test procedures.

Denial of Service

Audit of all network assets uses both safe & unsafe checks.

Microsoft HotFix

Verify that assets running Windows have hotfix patches installed on them.

Linux RPMs

Scan assets running the Linux operating system

Detection Scan Templates

Spectre & Meltdown

Remote and local checks for CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, and CVE-2017-5754

WannaCry Ransom

WannaCry Detection

Shadow Brokers Leaks

Scan for vulnerabilities disclosed in the Shadow Brokers leaks

Bash ShellShock

Remote and local checks for CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169


Remote checks for CVE-2016-0800

Intel AMT Security Bypass

Remote and local checks for CVE-2017-5689

Bad Lock

Remote and local checks for CVE-2016-2218 and CVE-2016-0128

Weak Password Testing

Template designed to identify common accounts with weak or null passwords

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