Vulnerability assessment

8 different scanners from 8 different top security scanner companies in the world in ONE PLATFORM

No need to pay for expensive hardware, software, licenses, skilled manpower and costly Infrastructure


Configuring and setting up your continuous scan is a piece of cake with a beautifully designed platform and genuine interface

Powerful Platform

Continuous and On-Demand Scanning with 8 built-in best in class scanners located in 10 countries provides 


Over 60 scan templates are ready to go such as PSI DSS, Infrastructure, Web app, Cloud, Databases, Spectre/Meltdown etc.


All you can eat re-scanning.  That’s right, we do not charge any fees if you wish to re-do any scans.

Multi Engines

CyberSSS is powered by eight independently engines. Compare and correlate results

40++ Scan Templates

CyberSSS helps you facilitate your scans with over 60+ templates

Proactive Protection

Our automated scan keeps you protected 24/7 with zero-day exploits scanning.

Get Started in 90 Seconds

Setup your continuous scan profile and voila!
You're all set and running.

Trending Data

Measure your security posture and check your remediation progress over time

Different Views Report

Access 8 independent reports or a consolidated report about vulnerabilities

Unlimited Re-Scanning

All You Can Re-Test!
No fees for re-test your assets

Get Started with our Cyber SSS Platform Today

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