Vodania AI

We are introducing our Cyber Security Platform powered by AI. With its advanced capabilities, it helps organizations to quickly and accurately identify, detect, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities. Our platform is designed to provide an unparalleled level of security and peace of mind to our clients. Trust us to safeguard your business and stay ahead of potential threats with our cutting-edge technology.

Unlimited scanner support.

Our system is designed to support an unlimited number of scanners. Simply connect and proceed.
Built-In System

Remediation System

Ensure that all the relevant data, intelligence, and insights are gathered in order to effectively evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate any vulnerabilities.
Built-In System

Ticketing System

Our system comes with a pre-built ticketing solution, including advanced AI features. No need for expensive development or allocation of funds.
Built-In System

Triggers & Alerting System

Leverage our powerful trigger system, which includes over 100 pre-defined templates to automate actions based on events, or create your own custom triggers!
Built-In System

Automated & Integrated Tracking & SLA System

Add SLA tracking to vulnerabilities for better management. Customize labels and values to match policies. Pre-built timers have customizable triggers based on events, conditions, and actions.
Built-In System

Assets Inventory

The absence of a complete asset inventory system poses a significant challenge for numerous organizations. Our system is closely connected to automation, triggers, alerts, and your business priorities to provide real-time updates.

Built-In System

Assets Weights

Receive instant AI-based analysis and ranking of vulnerabilities that could potentially have a major impact on your business. This includes weighting scores, assessing business criticality, data sensitivity, network exposure, and asset environment. We also offer customization options to tailor assessments to your specific needs.
Built-In System

External Intelligence Feeds

Automate event triggers, alerts, and actions based on specified conditions by connecting your threat intelligence feeds with our platform. Our AI features enhance security management.

Risk Register System

"Risk Register" is an add-on that helps identify potential risks that could impact company goals. It helps in managing issues that may disrupt company objectives by organizing an inventory of risks with customizable features such as approval chains, grant dates, and risk expiration dates, with automated reminders.

Compliance Warning System

This module instantly identifies affected assets in your compliance ecosystem and alerts you on your preferred devices and channels.

Compare Results Across Scanners

When scanning a website with multiple scanners, there can be discrepancies in reported vulnerabilities. Comparing results side by side can reveal these differences.

Duplication Check Across All Scanners

It can be challenging to keep track of all the vulnerabilities that come from different sources. To simplify this task, our AI will analyze these vulnerabilities and prioritize the most critical ones. This will reduce the chance of having duplicate, false positive, or unnecessary alerts, making sure that your time is not wasted.

Real-Time AI Functions

This AI module is highly popular among our customers. It offers over 100 pre-defined AI functions that can help you perform tasks such as automatically generating tickets based on specific conditions from any threat intelligence feeds. This feature can save you a lot of time and is highly recommended for your organization.

Real-Time AI-Driven CVE Explanation

Our system is powered by advanced AI, which includes features such as AI Help & Assistance, AI automation, and a daily vulnerability search within context. Furthermore, it provides feedback that uses clear and comprehensive explanations of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

AI Contextual Search for Threat Intelligence Feeds

Get instant alerts for zero-day vulnerabilities affecting your assets. Take automated actions with our triggers and set alerts using keywords or contextual search.

Real-Time ChatGPT+

Manage, track, and consolidate all threats and vulnerabilities in one place with Vodania. Our comprehensive system includes integrated AI features like ChatGPT+, etc.


If you manage a large company with subsidiaries, get a comprehensive overview of all vulnerabilities, assets, and metrics across your organization. This access is exclusive to you, ensuring a centralized and secure viewpoint.


This module provides additional meta fields to help you better assess and prioritize vulnerabilities. You can also add custom fields.

Notification Plus

The "Notification Plus" add-on provides you with real-time information such as new critical vulnerabilities, scan details, alerts, and customizable data. You can receive this information through your preferred communication apps such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Discord, Snapchat, Telegram, LINE, Signal, SMS, Voice, and Email. The add-on includes features like customizable notification schedules, "Do Not Disturb" periods, automation, support for multiple recipients, and simultaneous app notifications.

Explanation Plus

Get access to detailed and technical explanations of vulnerabilities through our private YouTube channel. With thousands of videos in our library, we provide all the information you need to understand and address vulnerabilities. We continually add new videos and update our library daily based on new CVEs.
Built-In System

Embedded Automation

Build powerful workflows with ease using the embedded N8N platform. Choose from 1000+ pre-designed templates, access 220+ built-in integrations, or create your own custom workflows.

Executive Module

Get Executive Reports with important metrics, KPI/KRI indicators, SLA tracking, and more – everything a CISO, CTO, or C-suite executive would need to see.

Stats Plus

The Stats Plus module comes with a dashboard that has a variety of filters to analyze scan results, statuses, and error messages. It's an ideal tool for the technical person responsible for scan management.

Report Plus

Get customized reports for various technical fields with filters.

Extra Severity Levels

This module adds icons to show the vulnerability status, categorized by severity levels.

CVSS Scoring Bar

This module adds a visually appealing CVSS scoring bar to your main dashboard, helping you understand how your vulnerabilities are categorized within the brackets of the new CVSS 3 scoring system.

Export Plus

Export vulnerabilities from the database in XML or CSV format to import into specific products.

Report Dump

Have a scanner report ready to upload? Our system generates intuitive dashboards with metrics, filters, and export options once you upload it.
Built-In System

Security Center

Get the latest cybersecurity updates and stay alert with our daily notifications on your preferred devices and channels.

Security Mapping

The security mapping module helps you identify and address security gaps with tailored recommendations.


Integrate your penetration test report with our systems for comprehensive analysis and intelligence. Create a ticket and connect with our ticketing system for streamlined management.


Want to run a quick test during a proof of concept (POC) without affecting the main system or scorecard? All results are temporary and visible only to you. This is completely separate from any metrics or dashboards.

Talk Away

Customize your discussions with your peers to be either private or public, depending on your channel's privacy settings.

Storage Vault

Store your findings in our secure vault. This feature helps meet compliance requirements. Reports are encrypted and authenticated for security.
Android & iOS

Mobile Ready

Stay connected with our mobile app. Scan, monitor vulnerabilities, check ticket statuses, and view your asset inventory. Utilize advanced AI features at your fingertips.


Our modular architecture includes all the necessary tools to manage and facilitate all phases of the VM Life Cycle.


Vodania is extending its support to universities, hospitals, and healthcare centers by offering its services at no cost. Universities can enjoy the unlimited features and available add-ons of Vodania to aid their students in expanding their knowledge of Cyber Security. On the other hand, hospitals and healthcare centers, which often operate on limited budgets and resources, hold critical data that must be securely protected. Vodania is committed to supporting these communities by providing its services for free.

Non-Profit Organization

We are offering Vodania's non-profit organizations a range of premium add-ons free of charge, taking into account their limited resources and budgets. Our aim is to guarantee that your organization remains well-protected against a variety of threats and vulnerabilities, and maintains a high level of security.


Vodania is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the world's most complex companies by offering powerful add-ons and AI-driven tools to automate their processes. Our advanced solutions not only help reduce manual overhead but also associated costs. Our services empower you to concentrate on developing your products and services while we take care of the work for you.


Vodania streamlines complex company processes with AI-driven tools and add-ons, reducing costs and manual overhead.
CyberSSS Inc. develops the AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System, a unified portal that manages the full vulnerability lifecycle. This resource empowers organizations to predict, identify, and act on vulnerabilities before they compromise your assets.
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