Meet Vodania

Revolutionise the old Vulnerability Management with AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System
Vodania is continously evolving his mission to provide organizations solutions they are facing on a daily basis from discovery to remediation.  Our AI-Driven system has been designed to automate many processes that normally would requires the purchase of many external and expensive softwares not counting the licensing costs and time of bridging them together.

Vodania is an all-in-one place system to provide employees, managers and executives a place to easily use and enhance your organization security posture, processes automation, AI features and performance capabilities to handle all vulnerabilities affecting network, cloud, software security, web applications and API Endpoints.

Problem Statement

We see these across the entire vulnerability management landscape (too many tools, too many jira boards, asset management, etc)
Tooling: Too many.
Busy: People narrowed to their projects.
Priorities: Addressing vulnerabilities, or releasing a product.
Alignment: Too many Jira boards.
Zero days: So many.

Visibility: All assets accounted for?
Progress: Tracking remediation effort and statuses.
Metrics: Often none.
Manual operations: Time consuming (copy/paste/copy/paste).
Where to begin, No one knows.

Solution, Mitigation Streamlined

How about a platform which mitigates/streamlines those challenges?
Integrates and streamlines all tooling.

Helps people work on their projects while giving them vulnerabilities that have been reviewed and prioritized first, while providing them with a single platform containing all the tools and references they need.

Provides a single, unified and integrated platform view, to prioritize, announce, track, discuss and fix vulnerabilities.

Uses automation to create smart alerts to filter all information coming from various source of data feeds based on technologies, CVSS scoring, custom patterns and then, create and assign tickets automatically based on rules.

Has a single source of truth for all our inventory assets classified by owners, business impact, location, business priority, PII, sensitive data and integrates with our vulnerability management platform.

Provides management a one-click instant access to several reports types and see key metrics that are understandable.

Uses the power of automation and APIs embedded in security tools, which provides and fetches key data automatically.

Provide a central location to get access to all the latest vulnerabilities, recommendations, loC (updated automatically) and the ability to automatically announce any new changes in a Slack or Team Channel.
CyberSSS Inc. develops the AI-Driven Cyber Intelligence System, a unified portal that manages the full vulnerability lifecycle. This resource empowers organizations to predict, identify, and act on vulnerabilities before they compromise your assets.
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